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Pokémon Go: The Warwick Experience

After months of frenzied anticipation Pokemon Go has finally landed on smartphones across Britain. Nearly two weeks after it’s release, the game has already gone down in cult legend. In fact, it was only a matter of time until the Pokefever broke into the Warwick bubble.

With the student population having fled campus for a relaxing summer break, the University has become a breeding ground for Pokemon of all shapes and sizes. Pokeballs at the ready and our caps cocked Ash Ketchum style, Boar Games took a stroll walk through our creature infested campus. Here are just a few of the species we spotted at various Warwick landmarks.

Image Credit: Rhys Brown




It probably comes as little surprise to see that Rootes has become infested with Rattatas. The purple menaces may be a dime a dozen, but they’re useful for farming Stardust, so if you happen to swing by the infamous party blocks on a night out, don’t forget to snag a few.





Image Credit: Rhys BrownOddish


A somewhat unexpected sight, but it seems Oddish has traded in the grassy wilderness of Tocil Woods for the comfort of the Dirty Duck. However, weighing in at only 3kg, those pints of purple are likely to go to its head a little faster than most. Watch out for them staggering about if you stop by for a quick drink.






Image Credit: Rhys BrownWeedle



If there weren’t enough reasons for a new humanities building, Pokemon Go has given us one more. These Weedles may appear small and cute now, but Stuart Croft will have a bigger issue on his hands when a swarm of Bedrolls take over the building come spring.





Venonat - Bread Oven



It looks like Venonat’s been making the most of the short queues for the Bread Oven over the summer. This rotund fuzzball can usually be found relaxing on the benches in the sun after stuffing his face full of overpriced sandwiches. We’ve heard he’s a big fan of the Caribbean Chicken.







Image Credit: Rhys Brown




Anyone hoping for a rare Pokemon sighting near the Koan might be disappointed; it seems Paras has made the art installation it’s home. With it’s Parascurved, shell like construction, the mushroomed crustacean may have mistaken the sculpture for its parents. It wont be the first to huddle up to the Koan on a cold winter’s night.




Image Credit: Rhys BrownMagikarp



Surprising no-one, Magikarp can usually be found flopping about hopelessly beside any body of water. Whilst it might give visitors to the maths and stats students a laugh come October, they’ll be having slightly less fun avoiding Gyarados attacks in the summer. Best to call the groundskeeping staff whilst they’re still helpless fish…






Had you spotted any Pokemon around campus? Let us know @BoarGames with #WarwickPokewatch





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