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Fire breaks out in Bluebell

A fire broke out at a Bluebell accommodation block this evening. The incident reportedly occurred in Bluebell 1, with security telling standers-by that there was a “fire in a flat”.

Around 2-3 fire engines were present at the scene by 7:20pm, and several people have reported a strong burning smell in the area.

When asked if the fire was more than just a toaster incident – something that often causes fire alarms to go off in accommodation – security confirmed it was worse than that.

Speculation by one person present at the scene claimed the fire involved a paper plate being set alight.

Photo: Tim Arstall
Image: Tim Arstall

Cameron Clark, a first-year English and Creative Writing student also living in Bluebell, commented: “Detectors in the kitchen are heat based rather than smoke based, so it’d have to be fairly intense to set them off if it was in the kitchen.”

He added: “In general it is fairly hard to set off alarms in Bluebell, it is new enough that its quite fire safe.”

It is unknown at this time what was actually behind the incident, however.



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