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RLT Allegations: drunken behaviour

Another allegation surrounds alcohol and the RLT team. Accusations made against the RLT team have stated that staff have, at times, turned up to major incidents inebriated and have had to be asked to leave.

One such incident occurred after burglaries at one block of accommodation. Students were not made aware that these burglaries happened until some time after they occurred.

Alleged drunken incidents

The university have refused to answer questions regarding the drunken incidents unless the allegers come forward.

There have also been questions asked about the social budget that RLT allocates for university events.

In the academic year of 2014, only one social event was held for the entirety of university accommodation students – a Christmas event, attended by around 100 people.

This academic year, only smaller events have been held, despite the budget being potentially worth thousands of pounds.

Social team scrapped

The social team has now been scrapped due to its lack of progress, minutes from a recent RLT meeting show.

On the question of where the social budget has been redirected to, the university’s spokesperson Peter Dunn stated: “If that funding is not used by such student run cross residences events, it is then simply relocated back over the year to the individual Hall event budgets.”


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