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Until Next Time: April 2016

Despite the Easter Break, April looks to be something of a quiet month for releases. Despite this, there are still a few big titles that look worth checking out over the next 30 days.


Quantum Break

The long-in-gestation Xbox exclusive from the team behind Max Payne and Alan Wake at last releases this month. What might otherwise be a bog-standard, albeit pretty, third person shooter is elevated by the inclusion of time bending mechanics, in which the player can slow and alter time in order to gain an advantage over their enemies. If this weren’t enough, the title also incorporates live action television sections staring the likes of Aidan Gillen (better recognised as Game of Thrones’ Petyr Bearish) to better flesh out the narrative. It remains to be seen whether these elements lead to a unique and compelling experience, or ultimately come off as little more than gimmicks, but with Remedy’s past track record there’s reason to be optimistic. Now if only they’d make Alan Wake 2…

Quantum Break launches on April 5 for Xbox One.


Shaun Ashmore stars as Jack Joyce in Quantum Break. Image credit: Bago Games/Flickr


Dark Souls 3

The epitome of pain and suffering that is the Souls series returns once more in Dark Souls 3. Sadly it appears that DS3 will be the last game in this iteration of the Souls series, after Game director and FromSoftware President Hidetaka Miyazaki confirmed such speculation. Yet this shouldn’t detract from what promises to be another masterclass in punishingly brutal and richly rewarding gameplay that the series has become infamous for. Whilst it’s best known for its gameplay, the Souls series also excels in delivering narrative and lore in an indirect manner, encouraging players to explore and engage with its world, rewarding them interesting and unique discoveries for their endeavours and creating a narrative experience that few games have managed to replicate. Whether you’re already a Souls sadist, or blissfully unaware of its rage inducing thrill ride, Dark Souls 3 will no doubt be worth checking out.

Dark Souls 3 launches worldwide on April 12 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Hayao Miyazaki returns for Dark Souls 3. Image credit: KaNeDa TV/ youtube


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