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Robbin’s Well Pub in Leamington to Shut

It has been confirmed that Robbin’s Well pub on Victoria Street in Leamington is being sold, meaning that it will be shutting on 9 April 2016.

Running for nearly 8 years, Robbin’s Well has been at the heart of Leamington Spa’s nightlife and has been used for live music, comedy nights and student gatherings.

The pub is a favourite among Warwick students due to its central location in Leamington, and offers on drinks such as the ‘Thirsty Thursdays’ menu.

Numerous student events also take place in the basement, which can be booked out by individuals and societies. Robbin’s Well is one of a few venues that still supports live music.

However, widely circulated reports among students that the popular venue is closing have been confirmed to the Boar by staff at Robbin’s Well. This is because the venue is being sold on.

Lydia Norris, who has performed live comedy in Robbins Well says it is a great loss: “I think it’s a shame the venue is closing, it has hosted many great student performances, from poetry to music. I did my first stand up comedy gig there and it is sad that other performers will not be able to enjoy performing there as I did.”

Reports first circulated when one customer went to the bar to book a gig in the basement, but was told that the venue would be closing at some point in the next few weeks.

First year student Max Connelly-Webster has commented: “Robbins Well was one of the few places in Leamington that was trying to create a scene, with all the poetry nights and comedy nights etc.”

He added: “it closing down seems to serve a blow to the student culture that isn’t centred around drinking”.

Ollie Base, a second-year philosophy and psychology student who has both visited the pub and used its basement for events, commented on the shutting down: “I’m very sorry to hear that Robbin’s is no longer Well.

“It’s been the host of many great socials, the source of exceptionally cheap alcohol and its basement feels like my second home in Leamington after I spent a month rehearsing there for the Edinburgh Fringe.

“I think we very happily lost a great deal of dignity there. Farewell old friend.”

The Boar has contacted Robbin’s Well for comment, and has been directed to Mitchells & Butlers, the company who runs the pub along with many others across the country. Their press team has been contacted and we are awaiting comment.

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  • The loss of The Robins Well will hit-it’s regulars, as well as all-others who used the ‘Well’ for drinking, dining, and for the numerous ‘staged-performances’! I will personally miss ‘it’ & all of the friendly&ameniable staff – who went-out-of-their-way too ensure each ‘visit’ was memorable!

  • I think it’s disgusting that the Tory Government are willing to spend tax payers money on helping out the steel industry, yet they are happy to sit there and watch a great institution run into the ground. Dave and his mates are unsurprisingly out of touch with what the people want, and what the people want is a Robbins Well Challenge on a Thursday night for £25.00.

    I am personally saddened at the news because Robbins Well was where I imagined I would spend the key moments of my life (Wedding, child christening, child’s graduation, funeral). There used to be a time when Robbins Well was the only constant in my life, I couldn’t tell you what lectures I’d attend but I could guarantee you I would be in Robbins Well on Thursday at 10.30pm.

    I really hope a consortium step in and save it and would be interested if anyone could link me to any go fund me pages.

    If not, Farewell old friend indeed.

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