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#BUCSWednesday Notepad: Week 7

A Wednesday washout. Seven weeks into term we hadn’t had one of those. The sporting Gods that be have ensured our fabled sporting Wednesdays have been free from terrible weather this year… Until the rain poured down this week. Semi-waterlogged pitches and soaked hair were the order of the day (for those unlucky outdoor sportsmen), but Warwick’s collective spirit could not be dampened on another action packed #BUCSWednesday. The day saw a number of home sides don rainbow colours in support of the #KickHomophobiaOutofSport initiative a in a show of solidarity that went far beyond scorelines and statsheets.

Results at a glance:

14 Wins, 16 Losses, 6 Draws, 3 Cancelled

Game of The Week:

Men’s Hockey 1’s 1-1 Nottingham 2’s 

Warwick Pride



Westwood in the soaking rain: Our worst nightmares realised 

There’s a much peddled joke about how heading to Westwood on a rainy day is the bane of any Warwick student’s life, but you don’t actually expect to have to… Right? Well yeah it’s happened. The pain, the trauma. The Men’s Hockey 1’s battled Nottingham 2’s whilst the heavens opened and laid siege to the Westwood pitches. Not the most spectator friendly game of the week on a scale of one to I’m likely to catch pneumonia. The cagey encounter saw Warwick surge into an early lead before their opener was cancelled out by the visitors. The game was a landmark in Warwick Sport media circles as the first fixture this year to be documented in Warwick TV Sport’s award winning Extra Time show. The show’s host and head of Warwick TV Sport Tim Arstall and his camera crew braved the horrendous conditions, whilst one guilty Sport Editor sought solace under a roof. You can see the fruits of his Labour on the Warwick TV YouTube channel in the coming few days.


Rugby Thing

Netball 3’s  lose to Loughborough, despite raucous crowd support (a little to raucous for the ref anyway)

 Warwick Netball 3s succumbed to Loughborough 4s 25-55 despite a positive start inspired by a vocal and highly partisan Warwick crowd. So partisan in fact that the ref, rocking an Andre Agassi circa 2005 look, threatened the viewing balcony with the suspension of the match. Undeterred by a nit-picky ref, the balcony continued to support the Warwick side and taunt their Loughborough foes without any degree of subtlety. Unfortunately, the home team weren’t able to bring home the victory the fans had been so apparently confident on.




Shades of Jamie Vardy as hell breaks loose on Cryfield

As the heavens opened above Cryfield, so did the goals as Warwick 4s swept 3 past Wolverhampton 1s after a brilliantly taken hat trick from Tashan Dwyer-Ifill. In a desperate attempt to overcome the deficit, Wolverhampton perhaps followed the wise words of in form striker Jamie Vardy a tad too closely (picture here). Having had a man sent off for dissent, promises to ‘bang’ the referee astonishingly went unfounded.



Weather? What weather, Warwick Rugby dominate in the the driving rain

With the Men’s 1s, 2s, and 3s all playing at home, Rugby dominated the Cryfield pitches. Unsurprisingly the weather made the afternoon difficult and each game took place in conditions that only Rugby players seem to thrive in. Whether (if you’ll pardon the pun) in the driving rain or even the occasional glimpse of sun, the on-pitch commitment was plain to see. The dedication of those watching from the sidelines was just as impressive, especially the gentleman who gave a minute by minute account of the 1s game after being asked what the score was. People like him are the true unsung heroes of university sport.

Boat, lots of boats, where to? We don't know but this image is a reminder there's sport beyond the wall of our campus going on every Wednesday.

Boats, lots of boats, where to? We don’t know but this image is a reminder there’s sport beyond the wall of our campus going on every Wednesday.

All in with the Rainbow Laces. #KickHomophobiaOutOfSport

All in with the Rainbow Laces. #KickHomophobiaOutOfSport






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