Boar Sport #BUCSWednesday Notepad: Week 5

There’s nothing like a BUCS Wednesday. The glades of grass at Cryfield seem greener, Westwood suddenly doesn’t feel that far and campus is swamped by sports kit as athletes of all shapes and sizes ready themselves for battle united as #TeamWarwick. The most glorious thing about University Sport? There’s so much going on. We at Boar Sport understand you may feel hard pressed to keep up with all the thrills and spills, the wins and the losses. So, for the the first time ever, we bring to you the #BUCSWednesdayNotepad. An alternative guide to the highlights of the day, ranging from the best performances to the most hilarious moments on the side-lines and more. You’ll never have a manic Wednesday trying to keep up again. We’ll do that for you.

Insult to Injury

 In our featured #GameoftheWeek, a new look Men’s Tennis first team fell 8-4 to Nottingham in a closely fought encounter. Nottingham sealed the win in a dramatic spell that saw them clinch three of the four singles ties inside a 10 minute window of woe for Warwick. How did they celebrate the win? By asking myself the Boar Sport Editor and Warwick cheerleader in chief to take a photo of them as they greened on the tennis centre balcony, sweat glazed and triumphant whilst the onlooking Warwick team rued their missed chances. Ouch, talk about adding insult to injury.


“El Covico” – The new name for Varsity Football? 

Women’s Football: The Midlands’ very own El Clasico (or, as my comic genius dubbed it, ‘El Covico’) took place on the Cryfield pitches as Warwick 1s faced their Coventry counterparts. The shouts from the sidelines were similar to those heard at all football matches across the country but Warwick is unique in one respect. Nowhere else would you find yourself overhearing squad members avidly discussing their costumes for that evening’s circling.


Losing count… But we’re winning

Men’s Rugby League: Sometimes a team is winning by so many points that they begin to lose count of just how far ahead they actually are. The Rugby League 1s were on the right side of this particular thrashing, with Northampton 1s the victims. The conversion pictured here was unsuccessful, but nobody seemed to care – when asked how many tries Warwick had scored, the answer was simply ‘a lot’.


Rugby Conversion

Where them balls at? 

 Men’s Squash: With the 1s up against Loughborough 2s, the home side were firm favourites. Yet this was not apparent to the naked eye, and watching the long rallies became surprisingly therapeutic. This action shot was taken as Warwick attempted to take a 2-0 lead in the tie.


Ergo v Netball v Nottingham 

Warwick Netball 1s recorded a heroic win in the infamous Desso Hall earlier. An intense ergo session on the viewing balcony dominated proceedings, they worked out hard whilst simultaneously watching on keenly from above. Unwilling to be shown up by Warwick’s impressive 33-26 win over the Nottingham 2s, the rowers were sure to finish their training moaning over their physical exertion.

Lacrosse lose… But at least their kit isn’t ugly…

Rigorous warm ups from the lacrosse men’s and Women’s 1st teams, with incessant chants of ‘hold, hold, hold, SLIDE’, could not lead them to victory.  Aside from the miserable looking pink strip donned by their opponents Nottingham Trent, there was little to laugh about for the Warwick sides as they found themselves unable to handle the added pace of Trent’s racing stripes.

Pictures of the day


man bunnn

“They said I couldn’t sport a man-bun, run the line for Warwick Rugby League and look dapper … Well look at me now”

rugby child and man

You never know, he could go from laying out the placeholder on a wet Wednesday afternoon in a Captain America playsuit to actually being the kicker adorned in Warwick Kit 15 years down the line. #BUCSDreams






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