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The Warwick Dictionary: Learn to speak fluent ‘Warwick’

When you’re new to Warwick it can sometimes seem as though everybody is talking utter nonsense. We do have some very particular phrases and terms, but second-year Stanzi Carpenter has created a useful translation guide to get you speaking fluent ‘Warwick’ in no time.


Official name is the Assembly Rooms. Hosts some of the biggest speciality nights like Superbad and Switch. A: Did you get your tickets for Superbad? They always sell out. B: I forgot! There’s another in a few weeks though.

‘The Bubble’

Another name for our campus since it contains pretty much everything you could need.

A: Hey, do you want to go out in Leamington with me? B: No, I’m good, the bubble has everything I need – shops, places to eat, pubs and clubs. I haven’t left campus all year!


A tradition unique to Warwick that takes place before every POP! Fresher: What’s Circling? Social Sec. : At a basic level, it’s playing drinking games whilst sat in a circle drinking purple, but it’s also so much more than that. There are costume themes, penalties, songs, lowered inhibitions and a distinct lack of shame.


Located in Birmingham, and once again, UniExpress is your friend. Gatecrasher is perhaps the biggest club you can get to from Warwick, and offers different music in different areas. Serious Pre-drinking is strongly advised.

A: It takes ages to get to Gatecrasher, I’m going to drink loads before we go. B: Don’t be sick though cause then you have to pay a fine to the bus driver!


Four different bars, free face painting and a smoking area with a Barbecue. Located in Coventry so is mainly a Fresher club. Take the Uni Express every Monday and Friday.

Fresher: We should definitely go to Kasbah tonight. I heard that they have drinks from 80p!


The second most popular Leamington club.

A: What are you doing this Friday? B: Definitely going to Neon, they do the cheapest Jaeger bombs.


A Warwick tradition. The music is terrible but the purple will be flowing so you really won’t care. A must every Wednesday.

A: Who’s DJ-ing at POP! this week? B: Disco Dave! He’s the only DJ that ever plays. Make sure you check out his mullet.


Your only source of hydration for the next 3-4 years. The most consumed drink in the SU. A fatal combination of beer, cider and blackcurrant.

A: What should I drink at circle? B: Purple obviously. It’s the law.

‘Skool Dayz’

Don’t cut up your school tie yet… Get shamelessly drunk in your school uniform to the sound of tunes from the 90’s and 00’s.

A: Any Warwick Graduate worth their salt knows that they can always return for Skool Dayz.


Arguably the most popular club in Leamington. The best music is downstairs – but prepare to get sweaty…

As he wiped more sweat from his brow Jack wondered why Smack didn’t invest in better air conditioning.

‘The Uni Express’

How you will get to and from every popular club night. Coaches pick you up from campus and Leamington and give you return travel and club entry. A Fresher essential.

Alice made sure that she always had a ‘water bottle’ filled with Vodka for her Uni Express trips to Kasbah.


The premier destination for drunk food in Leamington. Located opposite Neon. Few have every actually eaten there in the daytime. Expect to see massive queues.

A: I am so hungry! It’s 3am though, where can we get food? B: An essential Viallis is in order.


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