The Promo Run

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat’s an intro to a sports club without a superb promo video? This summer whilst we’ve been frolicking out in the sun, Warwick’s finest sporting societies have been putting together some superb promotional material ranging from the epic to the whacky. The good Samaritans we are at Boar Sport, we thought we’d put them together in one place and break down the thrills, spills and song choices for your delight.

Men’s Cricket

Funky. Oh so very funky. Men’s cricket opt for a little bit of Mambo to accompany their walk through a hugely impressive list of reasons to join their club. Tours both home and abroad, trips to test matches, frequent golf days, weekly circling sessions and perhaps most importantly: 4 consecutive Varsity victories. Racking up those wickets has never been so fun.

Music: Lou Bega “Mambo 5”


This video in one word? Epic. Panoramic views and camera angles to die for- Warwick Gliding find a way to make you feel like you’re 100’s of feet up in the air, with the wind at your back and the blue sky streaking by. Awesome soundtrack, and an amazing use of headcams too. Wowza. They also found a way to avoid using Blur’s Song 2- which I thought was impossible for any sort of airborne video package.

Music: Mikey Wax “You Lift Me Up”


Stunt. Tumble. Dance. Jump. That’s the cheerleading mantra. What a way to start a video. The slow-motion look at  one of our finest Devils being hoisted into the air with the utmost precision and grace at the opening of the video screams excellence. Four national titles last year and one heck of a resume, the Devils have got it going on. This reminded me of Warwick adaption of Bring It On on crossed with High School Musical but quite clearly better because we win all the friggin time.

Tae Kwan Do 

Is it possible to do the whole super hero metaphor without coming across as horribly cliché and lost for any original ideas? Warwick Tae Kwan Do have answered that question with an emphatic kick to the jaw and a YES. Flicking through the pages of a stylised comic book we delve into a world of high intensity and pretty fun looking violence. If you want to learn how to kick things (and people) into the stratosphere and become the Warwick equivalent of a mutant, then yes Tae Kwan Do is for you.

Music: Bonnie Tyler “Holding Out For A Hero” (As if you didn’t already know)


Everybody loves a bit of Macklemore. Everybody loves a bit of Netball too. One of the largest clubs on campus, their themed circles and infections enthusiasm come across through countless snaps of great nights out and even greater charitable exploits. There’s a flashback to their Varsity clinching victory from last year in there too for good measure.

Music: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis “Can’t Hold Us”


As if we didn’t want to leave our first lives as mundane Warwick Students trudging up and down the piazza behind to become reincarnated as surfers with gnarly locks and the sand between our toes enough already. A truly amazing promotional piece here that makes playing beer pong look almost as impressive as surfing a wave in a Santa Claus suit.

Music: Hard Rock Sofa and Skidka “Arms Around Me (Tobtok Remix)”


Warwick Lax go for the stripped down approach here, relying on some pretty cool in game go pro footage, to give you a taste of the sport. The best way to tell someone what something’s really like? Let them see for themselves first hand.


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