Boar Sport Club Files: Athletics and Cross Country

‘Train with us. Run with us. Compete with us. Party with us.’





Advice for incoming freshers

Joining Warwick Athletics and Cross Country club will be the best decision you can make at uni!

Targets for next season

We are aiming to have a similar size BUCS squad, increase participation so that more of our members are training with us and make sure all members are included.

Number of members 


Club President

Oliver Poulain

Training Times/Venues 

Halls in the Sports Centre for circuits. At the track for track sessions. Fartlek sessions over the Cross Country season at Cryfield pavilion. We also have long running routes that take us on the roads around campus towards Kenilworth, Coventry and Leamington Spa. Times change each year and at the moment we are working on a timetable for the 2015/2016 academic year.



We don’t really have teams as such but we have certain members who compete only in Cross Country, some only compete in athletics, whilst some compete in both. Some members don’t compete at all, it’s very much the individual club members choice and we cater for all types of members.

Squad Captains

Men’s Athletics: Nathan Tipping


Women's Athletics :Lauren Baker Iguaz

Women’s Athletics :Lauren Baker Iguaz

Men's cross country: Tom Stock

Men’s Cross Country: Tom Stock

women's cross country captain

Women’s Cross Country: Sophie Foreman

Women's Jogging

Women’s Jogging: Lauren Hawkins



Biggest Social Event 

The regular pub jog which takes place 3 times a year (once each term) over 100 people jog the pub circuit around Canley.


Marc Rister is one of our BNOCS and another one is Mr Isaac Leigh himself (the one and only SU President)


Warwick Athletics


Every year in Term 1 we organise a 24hr relay in which we try to get as many of our members running round campus shaking buckets to collect for a charity voted for by the exec. This year it looks like we are raising money in aid of British Blind Sports which is based in Leamington Spa and are aiming to fundraise a record amount of money. It’s great fun and really good to give back to the local community. This is something we gained recognition for at this year’s sports Sportsmark awards, where we gained a silver award in the community category!

Warwick Athletics Charity




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