Boar Sport Club Files: Rowing

“You’ve probably seen us naked”

rowing LOGO




Advice to incoming freshers 

Don’t underestimate yourself. Come along and give everything a go. There’s nothing more satisfying than setting a PB then going to a massive social. We have free taster sessions and huge socials in the first few weeks so do come to as much as possible!

Targets for next season 

Win more than last year and set club records.

Rowing wiNNING

Training times and locations 

We train most days on desso balcony, in the gym and on a beautiful stretch of the River Avon 15 minutes away from campus.

Club President 

Gus Harris (pictured left)

Rowing Captain


Number of members 

Over 100


Teams and competitons 

Number of teams

We have Senior and Novice squads for men and women which include 1st 2nd 3rd boats

Christian Senior mens captain

Christian Mccaffery – Men’s Senior Captain

Katie Hillman: Senior Women's Captain

Katie Hillman: Women’s Senior Captain

Men's novice captain

Tom Martin: Men’s Novice Captain (left)

Thea Smith: Women's Novice Captain

Thea Smith: Women’s Novice Captain



Biggest club social 

Our annual ball is the highlight of our social calendar, last year it was held in Warwick Castle with 130 people attending. What’s brilliant about this event is that alumni come back and reconnect. Almost half of the attendees have left uni, it shows how much of a tight knit a club we are, this is a place where life-long friends are created.

ooooh rowing fwendz

ooooh rowing fwendz


The Tigerz (You will find out who they are)



Through the Men’s Naked Calendar we’ve raised over £50,000 over the past few years for Sport Allies, an organisation we helped start-up which combats homophobia in sport. We’re incredibly passionate about this cause and hope that the international attention our calendar has gained has made a difference.  The Women’s Naked Calendar has also raised £12,000 for Macmillan Cancer Research. We do also do clothed charity events, including our 48hr row last year which raised over £1000.

women at annual ball rowing


Comments (3)

  • I’m Angus Malcolm, and I’ve been working with the men at Warwick Rowing since 2009 to produce the Warwick Rowers calendar. The key message of the calendar (and of Sport Allies) is that sport should be a leader in promoting inclusion.

    Many of us who are LGBT+ have a very different experience of sport within education, and this is what we have focused on – as we say in our new calendar, “we believe that sport should be an opportunity to discover and fulfil your potential as an individual, whatever your sexuality and wherever you sit on the gender spectrum”.

    We’ve always attracted trolls, and sadly a number of them have always come from the Warwick campus. I think “Dear Johnson” has it right – there is jealousy of a project that has raised botht a significant amount of money and a lot of awareness of LGBT+ issues in sport. But we take heart from Jonson’s idiotic display of ignorance, racism and heterophobia – it proves we still have a job to do.

  • you have not raised 50k for Sports Allies. you have raised 50k for yourself and probably 2k for the plane tickets you need to go to america to promote sports allies. cishet white saviour bullshit

    • Dear Johnson

      Don’t let jealousy cloud your judgement. They have actually raised significantly more than 50k for the club, on top of the 50k for Sport Allies. The overwhelming support from the gay community, and the fact that predominantly straight athletes are speaking out against homophobia indicates that it probably isn’t just “cishet white saviour bullshit”.

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