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WMG to spearhead national research study on supply chains

The Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) is spearheading a new study on the role of supply chains in the British economy, and want as many people to get involved as possible.

The online study launched last week, and is unique in its use of crowdsourcing and storytelling to both spread understanding of supply chains, while simultaneously collecting data.

As Ruth Leary, a principal teaching fellow with the Centre for Cultural Policy Studies, states: “Most of us never even stop to think about supply chains, let alone whether we’re a part of them but the world would be in total chaos without them.”

“Whether your role is as a consumer (of education, groceries, technology etc.), or you’re fulfilling a work based role within a supply chain (working in the SU, running a society, volunteering etc.) we’d like to hear your MyChainReaction story.”

She finished: “Our target is 1,000 stories. The University has over 23,000 students and with your help we should easily be able to achieve this.”

The project is being led by Janet Godsell, WMG Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Strategy, who explains: “The issue of supply chains is of national importance.”

She continued: “With the launch of this study, we hope to put supply chains firmly on the corporate and political agenda by informing the future development of supply chain strategy and policy. As part of this we are also keen to highlight the importance of working within a supply chain, encouraging the next generation of school leavers to consider this as a viable and attractive career prospect.”

To get involved, head over to the website and submit your story!

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