Oi! What will you be watching this summer?

Shingi Mararike- Wimbledon

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]port doesn’t always have to be smelly; it doesn’t always have to be rough. For two weeks every summer that ancient “blood, sweat and tears” spiel goes out of the window. The stench of putrid armpits is replaced by the refined aroma of freshly cut grass. From the 29 June- 12 July, British sport takes up a completely different guise- it morphs from a rugged, beer bellied middle aged man to a refined aristocratic gentlemen. Wimbledon isn’t just a chance for posh tottys to drink Pimms and gobble strawberries however, it’s the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world, the one every single player, male or female, dreams of winning. With tennis titan Serena Williams half way to completing the vaunted calendar grand slam (a sweep of all four grand slam tournaments in one year) the atmosphere within the hallowed grounds of the All England Club will be highly charged as her adversaries try to prevent  her marching into the history books. On the men’s side Andy Murray looks to be returning to the peak of his powers following a stellar clay court season. Could he unite Britain again by storming to his second title? Strawberries in South London? Pricey. Winning at Wimbledon? Priceless.


Sam Nugent- The Open Championship 

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] young woman I was courting during The Masters this year said to me on the topic: “I bet I could stand two feet left of the TV screen in nothing but black lacy underwear and you still wouldn’t notice if the golf was on”. I never got to find out if this was true, but the fact that the only thing left to comfort me at night now is a dream-haunting Hazel Irvine with Peter Alliss’ caramel voice and mid-Spring winds rarely reach a strength where they can make loud sighing sounds and slam doors perhaps tells me more than I had initially realised. None of this matters, though, as to paraphrase Skinner and Baddiel, in July “Golf is coming home”. The Open Championship 2015 is to be played at the course where it all began, Scotland’s St. Andrews, and I for one have not been as excited for a golf tournament in years. With Jordan Speith on fire, Rory McIlroy looking to add to his collection of titles and Tiger Woods a few months further in rehabilitation after his hiatus, this promised to be quite a homecoming. My headboard will take a four-day pounding this summer, but only when a late Mickelson charge fails to do the business again and I miss out on £200 in bets.


Warren Muggleton- The Rugby World Cup

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]ow, as you may know, I like to think of myself as something of a traditionalist. When I think of the Rugby World Cup, there is one lasting image- as I’m sure there is for you: Johnny Wilkinson’s drop kick to win the 2003 RWC against Australia on their home turf. As Martin Johnson lifted the coveted Webb Ellis trophy, the nation forgot their desperate mantra “the England football team could win it this year” and united, basking in new-found glory, almost harmonising to ‘swing low, sweet chariot’.This time round, the World Cup is coming home, although (rather disappointingly) there’s no rugby being played in Rugby- well there goes a load of alliterative potential. Having followed the Six Nations this year, it appears that Ireland will be the strongest northern hemisphere contender for the trophy. Whilst England put up a plucky fight and France are still unpredictable, their lack of discipline will be their un-doing against the southern hemisphere teams. Who knows, could Australia get some last-minute revenge against England on their home turf? The drama is palpable and the best part of this is that it’s on our doorstep! Maybe it’s about time you learned the lyrics to ‘Waltzing Matilda’ and your moves for the Haka.


There’s only one question left to ask… What will YOU be watching this summer? tell us on twitter @BoarSport



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