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Warwick student starts petition for a ball pit and slides in the library

A University of Warwick student has created a petition on asking for ‘slides from each floor of the library to a ball pit’.

Filippo Colonna, a second-year Economics student, initiated the petition on 1 June, claiming that the introduction of slides and a ball pit would have a number of benefits, including environmental preservation, time efficiency and improved university rankings.

At the time of writing, 355 people had signed the petition, and much of the student response so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

Chris Poon, first-year English Literature student, went so far as to say: “I have never believed in anything more.”

Khadar Jama, first-year Politics and International Studies student also expressed interest in the petition: “I think it’s a really great idea, it would relieve exam stress and would definitely encourage me to use the library more often.”

Having a ball

Explaining the reasoning behind the petition, Filippo told the Boar that: “Me and a friend thought about this in what I consider a fairly productive day. We were in the library waiting for the elevator, and considered how this wait was boring and unproductive.”

He continued: “So we came up with ‘imagine if there was a slide that went down and ended up in a ball pit’.

“Then we put some thought into it and figured it could make some sense considering energy costs and the other benefits listed on the petition.”

He added: “Google has them so it’s doable at a practical level.”

“A load of balls”

However, University management seem less keen on the idea. Peter Dunn, director of press and policy for the University, stated: “It may cause undue metaphoric angst for some students endeavouring to study while trying not to think about sliding downwards out of control into a load of balls.”

You can see the petition here!


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