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Does eating grilled cheese improve sex?

A survey by Skout, a social networking/dating website, has claimed that grilled cheese lovers have more sex then those who do not like the food.

Skout surveyed 4,600 of their active members, and found that 73 percent of those that love grilled cheese have sex at least once a month. A further 32 percent of them reported to have sex at least six times a month.

This compares with 63 percent of those who do not love grilled cheese reporting at least a monthly sexual encounter, and 27 percent at least six times a month.

On a Warwick basis, the Boar led the same survey to see if these statistics were corroborated. This has revealed that, while a lot of people love grilled cheese (a huge 85.4 percent of respondents), among respondents, this has little impact on the amount of sex had.

Around 64 percent of both grilled cheese lovers and non-lovers at Warwick have sex at least once a month. Similarly, just under 50 percent of both groups have sex at least six times a month.

The contentious link between loving grilled cheese and sex is already causing a stir, with a self-confessed lothario and anonymous first-year male English Literature student commenting: “I love grilled cheese. Need I say more?”

An anonymous female companion to the womaniser responded: “You wouldn’t be able to tell. He’s a solid 4/10.”


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