People in the West Midlands more likely to vote Lib Dem… as they like to cycle

New research by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has revealed a bizarre correlation between cycling and voting for the Liberal Democrats in the West Midlands.

The BHF and Mindlab conducted a ‘sports personality’ study, surveying 2000 adults across the UK as to what sports they enjoy while also posing questions about their personality traits.

This has apparently revealed that the sport you play or enjoy, reveals a lot about you personally, such as how charitable you are, what newspaper you are most likely to read, and who you are likely to vote for in the next general election.

While running, trekking and swimming were also popular choices, cycling took first place as the favoured sport of West Midlanders. This, according to the study, means the county members are likely to be laid back, materialistic, and, vote liberal.

First-year Politics and International Relations student Isabelle Hampson stated: “I plan to vote Liberal Democrat, but do not cycle, nor would I class myself as materialistic. It seems to be a very restrictive classification.”

Meanwhile, keen cyclist and a fellow first-year, History of Art student, Rebecca Spayne, said: “I love cycling, but not the Liberal Democrats. I’m probably going to vote Conservative.”

Unfortunately, the West Midlands Liberal Democrats did not respond to the Boar’s request for comment about their cycling habits in time for publication.

The survey also revealed other insights, including that 63 percent of adults in West Midlands were keen to take on a challenge for charity. This was regardless of their ‘sports personality’ classification.

Tristam Jones, Head of Events at the BHF, stated: “This research highlights some interesting differences in the types of people who choose to take on different sports challenges.”

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