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128 Warwick staff members earn 100k or more

128 members of Warwick staff earn £100k or more per year, revealed a Freedom of Information request issued by nationwide union for academic staff, the University and College Union (UCU).

The figure is the highest of any university in the Midlands.

UCU regional officer, Anne O’Sullivan, told The Coventry Telegraph: “What has been most striking is the huge variation in higher education institutions’ responses to our request, with too many refusing to provide any information on expenses, and many showing a strong determination to keep the details of decision-making on senior pay a closely-guarded secret.

“We need a far more transparent system that allows for proper scrutiny of spending at the top and the rationale behind pay rises.”

Warwick’s head of press and policy Peter Dunn commented that that the large amount of high-end salaries is likely due to the fact that: “Here at the University of Warwick, we have a medical school and we make clinical appointments.

“We make appointments of people who are clinicians as well as academics so we are likely to have more on those higher rates.

“The offer of salaries equal to or over £100,000 of course shows the willingness of the University to reward those staff members they feel deserve it for their hard work.”

A request by the Boar for a breakdown of the areas in which the highest paid staff worked was rejected by the University.

The only known salary is that of vice-chancellor Sir Nigel Thrift, who is included in the 128 with his current salary of £332,000.

Warwick For Free Education told the Boar: “That the university pay some staff so much whilst failing to pay 241 staff the living wage is a disgrace.

“We think that high pay at the university is a serious problem which displays a total lack of care for some members of our community.”

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  • Miguel Costa Matos

    Small correction – Nigel Thrift’s salary is £348,000 as of last year. This year’s salary is as of yet unrevealed.

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