Warwick iSessions

On Monday 17 November, the i newspaper held a charity gig night at Leamington Spa’s Robbins Well. Providing a brilliant night of live music and entertainment, the gig successfully raised ¬£132.92 for Veteran Aid and ABF The Soldiers’ Charity while highlighting some of the incredible student talent on offer at Warwick.

The event was part of the paper’s iSessions programme, a nationwide university event in which student artists from across the country played for a chance to star in the i’s ‘Battle of the Bands’ live final. In total, five artists from Warwick took part in the gig delivering a variety of performances ranging from alternative indie to post hardcore rock. Feralsect, Fey Militia, Feudal Nights, ’66 Chevelle and Navina Rajan ensured all music fans were suitably satisfied before the night was over.

Solo singer-songwriter Navina Rajan took to the stage first offering a chilled-out set of melodic acoustics and simply sweet lyrics. With the guitar and piano as her only accompaniments, Navina offered a flawless performance which set the standard for the evening.

As Robbins Well started to fill, newly formed ’66 Chevelle took their place behind the mic. A three-piece band with alternative indie and folk influences, the band were anything but short of confidence performing a series of ¬†catchy and upbeat songs. Ending on a cover of the Proclaimer’s ‘500 miles’, the group had the whole venue singing along with delight.

Throughout the night, all five bands maintained an impressive calibre which was never lowered

Buzzing with excitement from the previous two performers, the audience welcomed Feudal Nights to the stage. As a year-old band, the alternative group band more than showcased their experience and professionalism. Full of passion and energy, the Nights picked up the tempo offering an impressive mix of guitar-based singles and thumping beats.

Fey Militia, an alt-rock four piece, was up next offering an eclectic range of pop and alternative tunes. With influences from the Arctic Monkeys to Fleetwood Mac, the group ticked all the right boxes with their rhythmic beats and playful lyrics. Well polished and undeniably talented, the group left the audience little time to recover for the final act.

Warwick’s Feralsect closed the night with a massive performance. Delivering a post hardcore rock set, the band swept the audience of their feet. From the captivating drums of Luke Pilot to the charismatic stage presence of lead vocals Will McKeown, Feralsect kept the audience engrossed from start to finish.

In all, the iSessions gig confirmed the striking talent of Warwick University’s music scene. Throughout the night, all five bands maintained an impressive calibre which was never lowered. As part of the next stage of theiSessions programme, video recorded performances from each band’s set will be uploaded to the Independent website where students can vote for their favourite. The five acts who receive the greatest number of votes across the country will progress to the i’s national ‘Battle of the Bands’ final in March where artists will have the chance to perform to a live audience and panellist.

To vote, visit the Independent website here.


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