2013 Boar Resolutions

We at the Boar are no strangers to the yearly ritual that sweeps the world and lasts just as long as a bottle of vodka on a Friday night. Whether or not a New Year’s Resolution lasts for the entire year or just the first few weeks of January, we’ve decided to join in with the fun and make our own attempts at self-improvement:

To improve my German. I’ve had three months of adapting to a new country, time to start taking it seriously and make the most of it! I’m determined to not be one of those people who regrets not spending more time speaking the language of the country they’re in, after all, this is the best opportunity I’ll ever get to do it! I’ve bought a tiny little notebook for vocabulary, I’ve got German grammar on my walls, I’m committing to meet up with German friends at least once or twice a week (and speak with my German housemate more…), watching at least one German film a week, and listening to the radio when I’m in my room/the kitchen. Also going to sneak back some cheeky ‘Teach yourself German’ books from the UK so I can have all the complex grammar explained to me in English… cheating? Perhaps. But if it helps me grasp the passive, I’ll take it! – Katherine Price, Former Boar Deputy Editor

To have fewer tabs open regularly on my laptop. Its not more acceptable just because I now have a mac. You’re just deceiving yourself, Levesley. To get the G1 less, this is my euphemism for ‘lose weight’. Have something waiting for me when I graduate by the time I come back for third term – David Levesley, Art Editor

Mine is to be more proactive and actually do things rather than just planning things… like replying to people – Jack Shardlow, Deputy News Editor

Buy NO pizza then I won’t be tempted to eat it after nights out… Oh and actually do some exercise! – Sian Elvin, Deputy News Editor

Be more adventurous and always try to say ‘yes’. – James Evans, Deputy Comment Editor

Start exercising for the first time since I was 16. – Chris Hackett, News Editor

Take every opportunity to do something different when it comes up – Isaac Leigh, Deputy Sports Editor

To wear more red lipstick – Maya Westwick, Lifestyle Editor

To be more ladylike – Philly Betts, Travel Editor

To be less pessimistic when I feel completely uninspired by Leamington’s buses/nightlife/costcutters – Georgina Lawton, Deputy News Editor

I think mine will be ‘To act with more impulse and less thought’ and stop planning everything. Oh, and eat less chocolate. – Kimberley Simpson, Former Lifestyle Editor

My new year’s resolutions are to go travelling more and write for all sections of The Boar! – Nicole Davies, Deputy Books Editor

I don’t normally make New Year’s resolutions; because I believe that indulging in things that I love is perfectly healthy (even if eating too much chocolate is bad for my teeth, or buying too many clothes bad for my bank-balance!) However this New Year, I have two resolutions: firstly, to stop biting my finger nails, and secondly, to improve my culinary skills. Although I’ve come a long way already this year from my last year’s staple pasta and pesto dish, I have yet to cook a roast dinner, make my own pastry or whip up a raspberry Pavlova. By the end of 2013, I hope to be able to do all of these things and revel in my mastery of fine cuisine. Watch out, Delia! – Jessie Baldwin, Science Editor

To savour the last of my teenage angst by listening to the Smiths, wearing odd socks, being inordinately grumpy, unacceptably drunk and carefree before the horrid realisation that I’ll have to start behaving like a reasonable grown up pretty soon. – George Ryan, Comment Editor

To keep my life balanced and keep the ones I love close and happy – Natasha Clark, Boar Editor

To learn how to make soup – Rebecca Myers, Boar Deputy Editor

To not let my course readings shit all over reading for pleasure – Josh Sunth, Music Editor

To sculpt my pecs to casual perfection – John Downes, Sports Editor

To read for pleasure this year – Tom Newham, Former Deputy Boar Editor

I wish to remain as perfect as I was in 2012, but be less intimidating to others about it – Roxanne Douglas, Deputy Features Editor

To get fitter in time for cycling season and read the mountain of books I got for Christmas – Alex Pashley, Money Editor

To improve my fitness ready for Term 2 and Varsity – Roseanna Deakin, Deputy Sports Editor

To spend another year trying to figure out whether we are human or dancer – Hari Sethi, Film Editor

I’m determined to hand in one piece of work that wasn’t done the night before, before I finish education and maybe, to talk to my sister more – Rozina Sabur, News Editor


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