Floxx: an obituary

As term three got under way, the associated themes of exam stress and sleepless nights playing out on many a face, clouds of grimace appeared over Warwick’s sky. Our remarkable selection of desirable ladies appeared to be in retreat — only appearing pyjama clad for extra supplies. ‘Twas a dark period. Until something beautiful arrived.

The social networking website Floxx could best be characterised as Twitter meets campus map meets trusty wingman. A unique mix that reportedly led to a hefty fine for its founder Richard Martell, at the time a University College London student whose creation was said to have ‘brought the university into disrepute’. In reality, Floxx was nothing short of amazing. Its ability to anonymously identify beautiful ladies not yet defeated by exam season CBA syndrome was certainly something to be heralded. A reliant microscope for the use of guys and a sizeable minority of girls too. Indeed, legend has it that some even established ‘fruitful’ lines of contact initiated solely by a Floxx status reading : Brunette, medium hight, Library Floor 2, AMAZING figure, short green skirt. Worthy of taking an early break for! It seemed Floxx was defying the term three slump with artful skill, as it directed eyes away from revision and towards the direction of Warwick’s hotties.

But this was short lived. Like a British athlete, Floxx seemed to have declined before reaching full potential. In a similar fashion to Fitsort – a website enabling users to compare Facebook friends on appearance – Floxx fizzled under the intense heat of internet hype. It seemed that by the time exam stress ebbed away, Floxxers found themselves resorting to more conventional modes of chic spotting. Internet reports of some universities blocking the site may yet put the site to a complete death.

Whilst Floxx’s foray into campus life was momentary, it did touch lives of many. Its pinpoint accuracy giving us a cheeky look at Warwick’s finest – many revision breaks well spent.


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