Union to learn lessons from survey

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The Students’ Union’s ‘Big 5’ survey took place in week five. The survey’s five components were Service, Involvement, Engagement, Representation and The Future. The survey was part of the Students’ Union Evaluation Initiative (SUEI), which the SU is going through to review everything it is doing.

The Students’ Union’s mission statement reads, “This Union is directed by its members and aims to enhance the experience of students whilst at the University of Warwick.” The Big Five survey was designed to take account of students’ views and to set a new direction for the union in accordance with this statement.

Andrew Bradley, Union President, said, “If the SU were a ship sailing the ocean blue, SUEI is its chance to gather its bearings and make sure it sets sail in the direction the passengers – SU members – want to go.”

SUEI is a UK-wide scheme and Warwick SU is one of more than 60 Unions around the country who are currently involved. It claims to be a “unique quality assessment model that assists in improving the services and activities delivered to members of Students’ Unions by indicating areas for continuous improvement.”

{{ number 11% of Warwick students replied to the Union’s Big 5 survey }}

When Societies Officer James Hall was asked what he had to say to the students who filled out the survey, he replied, “Your answers have given us some really useful information which we can act on to improve the services we offer to you – now we know exactly what you think, we’re in a better position to actually do something about it. So, thank you to the hundreds of you who answered the survey – hopefully you’ll start seeing the results very soon!”

The Big Five was conducted both online and in paper form, with Union representatives having set up stalls in the Atrium to persuade students to partake. More than 11 percent of students completed the survey.

Isaac Newton Acquah, Communications Officer for the SU, said, “Although it may not appear to be fully representative of all students, it is a significantly higher return than other comparable Unions, such as Sheffield, who only gathered 6 percent. It will still provide valuable insight into students’ wants, needs and concerns.”

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