Letters: On-campus takeaway

Dear Sir,

Further to my article last week (‘I went out in the Union last night, and got absolutely Battered’; Feb 16th), I am happy to note that there has been some positive developments towards the return of a take away for the student union.

Welfare and Communications Officers Sami Wannell and Isaac Acquah have met with the founder of the Facebook campaign (“Bring Back Battered”) and are working hard to establish a venue that will sell “at least chips” in the short term. Sadly, due to the frankly ludicrous design of the new union, there are no available venues (a new bank will replace HSBC’s old premises), with usage of the Bread Oven at night the only possibility for the moment. However, in the long term the aim is to establish a more expansive take-away with access from the Copper Rooms and the Union.

I’d like to thank Sami Wannell for his positive attitude towards establishing a chippy and am glad that his original personal reluctance over the idea has not hindered his capacity to listen to the interests of students on campus. I remain confident that a solution can be found that is not only scrumptious, but scrumptiously profitable for the union.

On a final note, the position of Radio Warwick (RaW) in the Union still appears somewhat perilous. SU President Andrew Bradley is proposing for space in SUHQ to be provided in the short term, which is a much better than nothing, but it is essential that the incoming President prioritises the establishment of new space, perhaps in the old “Grad Club” for RaW to function in. Money is tight, but this project is essential if Warwick’s media societies are to maintain their standards in the coming years.

Yours faithfully,
Tom Wales


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