Flawless record on the line

After last season’s 41-27 victory in the Annual Varsity event, this year’s teams from Warwick will be looking to maintain the university’s impeccable record in the competition. Remarkably Coventry have never triumphed in the event, however in recent years the margin of victory for Warwick has narrowed.

In recent years, Warwick’s Cricket team have been reliable victors, completing a clean sweep of victories to gain valuable points.

The hockey club have also proved reliable in the last two years, completing clean sweeps in both the women’s and men’s fixtures to add to Warwick’s winning tallies.

In recent years, however, Coventry have enjoyed more success on the football field – something which Warwick will be looking to reverse this season.

Anticipating the colossal event, key figures from within the Warwick sporting community have offered their opinion on how Varsity 2010 will unfold.

> “The Warwick Ladies Squash Club have performed well this year, especially considering that we lost all but two of our players from last year!
We aren’t taking part in Varsity but would like to predict that Warwick get 55 points from Varsity this year. Whatever happens I’m pretty sure we’ll beat Coventry overall!”
**Suzie Hodge, Ladies Squash, 1sts Captain**

> “Warwick Ladies Hockey 2nds haven’t been doing too well this year in the BUCS league, and will finish the season in the relegation zone. We’re playing Coventry 1sts in our BUCS league fixture this Wednesday, which will be a very competitive game.
Considering our 3rds recently beat Coventry 2nds 3-0, we will be aiming for double figures and a clean sheet against them at Varsity.
Prediction: War 9-0 Cov; Overall: War 50 -22 Cov”
**Emma Rosser, Ladies’ Hockey 2nds**

> “We have played Coventry quite a few times this season, and most of the time we have got the better of them. Our 3s and 4s should definitely win, with the 1s and 2s matches likely to be very close.
Therefore I think a prediction of 6 points from the football teams is fair.”
**Robbie Reeson Price, Men’s Football Captain**

> “We’ve won the league this season as you know; Coventry are mid-table in the league below. As for predictions, I’d hope that we can have the game sewn up with twenty minutes to go, but Varsity is usually a tight one so I’ll just stick to a Warwick win.”
**Joe Tompkins, Men’s Rugby, 1sts Captain**

> “We smashed Coventry 3s 15-0 in the cup earlier in the season and have spent our BUCS season in tier 3B chasing promotion. I predict another big win and hopefully not too many of their lot getting sent off, so we can beat them fair and square.
I predict the hockey club to win all its varsity games.”
**Jack Kelly, Men’s Hockey, 3rds Captain**

> “I think after a fantastic season for some of our BUCS teams we will once again reign victorious over our local rivalries, I think it will be a closely and well fought competition with perhaps a few upsets but I expect Warwick to win by over 15 points.”
**Gemma Morris, Warwick Sport Manager**

> “This year the Men’s Hockey First Team struggled in the BUCS 1A league, coming second bottom in the final standings. However, Warwick are definite favourites against Coventry in the Varsity fixture. I predict victory by a couple of goals.
In fact, I predict that all 3 hockey teams playing will win, and that Warwick will win Varsity.”
**Tom Morton, Men’s Hockey, 1sts Captain**

> “The Warwick Teams have performed remarkably well this year. There have been some convincing wins over Coventry in the BUCS competition.
Our mens volleyball, mens football and mens Basketball all spring to mind. I expect Warwick to excel in the majority of sports and break the hoodoo in football. Overall: War 58-14 Cov”
**Joe Barr, Sport Administrator**


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