Letters: Weapons out of Warwick

Dear Sir,

I am writing briefly to set the record straight about Weapons Out of Warwick. I refer to an article in the last issue of last term, entitled ‘Armed, but not dangerous’.

The article claimed that Weapons Out of Warwick has turned its sights on the armed forces, in a bid to get them off campus. Whilst many members of our group do have either moral qualms about the nature of the armed forces, or disagree with the notion of violence as wielded by the state -an institution that many of us feel to be inherently illegitimate- our campaign is not directed towards the British military per se.

The Council motion referred to in the article was proposed by one of our comrades, although the organisation had nothing to do with its promotion. As for the plastic AK-47s, we had these props with us in anticipation of an anti-arms demo the following day. Their presence at Council was pure coincidence.

As for the allegations against BAE, the list runs as long as my arm. Even their own internal ethics investigation found the company seriously deficient. This says it all.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Browne.


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