All change at Warwick

Welcome to Warwick! We are the _Boar_ and are delighted to be your tour guides for today. As you can see, we are just entering the comment section now: on the right you will see a few disgruntled writers moaning about student liberalism; and on the left you will see most of the editorial staff. This is where you can come for your regular dose of unfettered, unadulterated rage on politics, culture and anything else that walks across our eyeline.

Now we take you to the new Students’ Union building. As you can see, posters saying it will be ready some time in the “09/10 Academic Year” have replaced those which said “Autumn/Winter 2009”, which in turn replaced “September 2009”, and so forth ad infinitum. This is where you might be enjoying a drink, a bit of munch and some casual chit chat. Or, you know, not.

And here now we are coming to one of our many car parks. Of course, you can’t use them to keep a car on campus, as the university has revoked student parking permits, but don’t worry, you’re not alone – students of all stages in their degree have found that they will have to give up on such luxuries as accessibility and fairness this year. Luckily we have a wonderful bus service, which can fit approximately two hundred people per bus if you squeeze them in hard enough. This is expected to nearly cover half of the demand.

Next up is what was once Tocil Field. There was a year ago the “Big Space”, “TES” or “weird tent” erected in this very same spot. However this was taken down, to be replaced by a smaller version of the same thing, which in turn was torn down and replaced by what you see before you now, which is the same size as the last one, but a slightly different shape. Legend has it that there are two warring teams of contractors hiding out on campus, one bent on construction, the other on destruction. As these forces collide, a beautiful and endless circle of nature is born.

As you can gather, there is a certain amount of uncertainty surrounding Warwick as your embark on your journey. Some will hopefully be resolved soon, whereas some will continue on through the ages, regularly renewing itself. Still, it’s not a bad place to be – you can get tasty baguettes and quality real ale, and really, what more does a student need? One thing is certain to remain constant: the _Boar_, at your service. Savour your time here.


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