How to cope with the Boar hiatus

Our second edition this term will also be our penultimate. While it may be that the Boar staffers have taken on a godlike stature in your minds, we are mere mortal students like yourselves. Accordingly we all have exams coming up and, while the amount of time we spend in the office has meant that our social skills have dwindled from what was, let’s face it, pretty poor in the first place to practically non-existent, we will be dragging ourselves away from our beloved Boar over this period.

Fear not! We will return for one last edition of the year in week ten, that wonderful time after the end of exams but before you leave the Bubble to take up summer jobs, internships or, for you finalists, enter the real world.

“But Boar,” I hear you cry in dismay, “how in the name of whatever deity I worship will I be able to cope for nine Boar-less weeks?” A bit needy, aren’t you? However, there are lots of things you can doo when you’re sick of revision and need that weekly dose of hard-hitting news, insightful comment, thrilling sport, incisive financial analysis, witty and intelligent reviews, lifestyle hints and exotic travel that fill these pages.

You could read an alternative news source, although this is very much not recommended. The disappointment in comparison might just be too much at this stressful time. What we find helps some people is to set up tents outside the halls and houses of their favourite Boar writers and editors so they can overhear any slick banter that occurs within – try to avoid the temptation to abduct us though, because after the Doddsie scandal of ’08 every member of the editorial board carries pepper spray. You may also like to take those copies of the paper you’ve been hoarding, cut out all the words of the headlines and mix them back up to create your very own Boar with such exciting stories as ‘Obama hit by Tommo’ and ‘John Sargeant dominates the W Factor’.

Alternatively, you could just sit tight, get your exams out of the way and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. The Boar wishes everybody the best of luck in their exams and looks forward to seeing you again in June.

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