Naomi Klein on iTunes U

Those who couldn’t make it to the awarding of the Warwick Prize for Writing to Naomi Klein last week can now watch the entire event (and a great deal more) online.

The university’s Myinsite intranet now contains a link to ITunes U, the ITunes resource for Universities, where free movies of the Warwick Prize are available for download. Available is the speech given by Naomi on receiving the award of £50,000. Within the speech, Klein lauds the university for taking an innovative and subversive approach to literary prizes, joking, ‘you’ve crashed the literary in-club.’ She also quips, referencing her husband, that there are less feminist intellectuals because of the lack of feminist husbands.

The speeches of the Vice-Chancellor and Chair of the judging panel China Miéville are also available. Nigel Thrift, the Vice Chancellor uses the opportunity to celebrate the university’s reputation for innovation and internationalisnm, whereas Miéville explores the difficulty of acting as a judge on the prize. There are alshours of other footage available as well.

For the uninitiated (or the simply confused) there is also a short ‘About the Prize’ and the judges’ experience of choosing one winning book on the subject of ‘complexity.’

For those who are already ‘in the know’ about the Prize but who couldn’t make it to the main event, there’s also an interview between Naomi Klein and the Head of Creative Writing at Warwick, poet David Morley, and the film of the public discussion directly preceding the awards ceremony, run by members of the judging panel.

And, should you wish to see some of the student involvement in the Prize, there’s also edited footage of the filmed discussion between and decision of the Student Shadow Panel.


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