Get campus credible

Buy a Warwick hoodie and wear it with pride. This in jungle terms equals to owning and acknowledging your new habitat. There’s a large selection so it is simple to find your favourite colour and style. Be fierce!

Take advantage of living on campus, and embrace the fact that you can wake up 10 minutes before a lecture and still make it on time. Make the most of it because this dream comes to an abrupt halt when you are kicked out of campus to live in either Coventry or Leamington.

Complain about how small “The Bubble” is, but never really venture further than Tesco.

Deadline? Denial works, and it seems to be a popular trend in Warwick, so if you want to blend in, always leave you reading and your essays until the night before they are due.

Acclimatise yourself to being woken up at all hours of the night by buying an alarm clock with a “random” setting. This applies especially if you live in Rootes, and will help you complain less when you’re thrown out of your beauty sleep by everything from fire alarms in your accommodation going off, to flatmates throwing kitchenware at each other.

Act like you’re too cool for the Union, but go there every other night anyway.

Practice downing Purple, the Union’s favourite drink, by mixing every beverage you have from now on with Ribena, cheap cider and lager. That way, you’ll save a whole load of money when you’re more than happy to only drink purple when it’s £1 a pint.

Act star-struck everytime you run into Tommo, our Union President. If you’re at a Union night, don’t forget to try and take photos with him and post them up on the hundreds of Facebook groups that’ll soon pop up about him.

Get the campus look by buying a cup of coffee, tea or hot choc from one of the various cafes around campus, and then walk around sipping it all over campus. An added perk for this is that you also get the much needed caffeine/sugar intake before a lecture or seminar, so you are much less likely to fall asleep in them.

Read the BOAR! All the cool kids on campus are doing it so why be an outcast? The Boar keeps you up to date and gives you vital information to survive your years at Warwick. Don’t believe me? What has this article been doing then? You can pick up the Boar from various points around campus, so don’t be lazy, support your own student newspaper!


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