Mufaro Kapfunde

Book snobbery: don’t judge a reader by their chosen book

I recently watched the first episode of the new tv show You based on a young adult novel of the same name by Caroline Kepnes. Within the first minute, the main character, a young man named Joe becomes infatuated with the female lead who visits the bookstore he works in....
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Posted Oct. 7, 2018

The emergence of the Black Madonna

The politicisation of art has ushered in a new wave of contemporary artists revaluating the depiction of religious figures in art and film. One such image is the Madonna who, although hailing from what would now be called Palestine, has long been depicted as a fair, blue-eyed blonde. Now, with...
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Posted Sep. 12, 2018

TV Picks: Favourite TV Couples

In celebration of Valentines Day, some of our writers have selected their favourite TV couples and the reasons why their love is some endearing to viewers. Eleanor and Chidi (The Good Place) – Mufaro Kapfunde  Existing on two entirely separate ethical spectrums, at first glance Eleanor and Chidi from The Good Place...
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Posted Feb. 15, 2018