Warwick University Sub Aqua Club
Warwick University Sub Aqua Club

Why you should join… Sub Aqua

To begin the third week of this year’s “Why you should join” series, Warwick Sub Aqua detail who they are and why they’d be a fit for you.


Warwick Sub Aqua is one of the most versatile clubs on campus, existing as the home to two the University’s most exciting aquatic activities: Scuba Diving and Underwater Hockey.

At WUSAC, we offer a wide variety of Scuba qualifications as a registered BSAC Branch, providing a range of diving courses and activities that cater to beginners and experienced divers. All courses at our fully-functioning dive school are taught by our experienced, volunteer instructors, allowing our prices to be cheaper than courses offered by other agencies. You can learn to dive from scratch with us, continue your dive qualifications or join us on our trips both within the UK and internationally. Recent trips include Cornwall and Tenerife, with many more to look forward to in the upcoming year.

We are proud to be the home to one of the UK’s best student teams

Alternatively, if you are looking for a unique way to get fit, Octopush, better known as Underwater Hockey is the sport for you! Originally invented by Scuba Divers in the 1950’s to keep up their fitness, Octopush is a fast-paced sport played by teams of six at the bottom of a pool. The objective: to push the weighted puck into the opponent’s goal. We are proud to be the home to one of the UK’s best student teams and are looking for new recruits to join us this year! Our sessions are held twice a week, allowing us to regularly practice our skills and play full length games with a team of close friends. Outside of our regular sessions, we often take part in friendlies with local clubs and compete in both national and international tournaments, most recently earning the silver medal at Student Nationals 2018. Beginners are welcome at any of our weekly sessions, where we will teach you the basics, introduce you to our team and play friendly games. We can provide all the equipment you will need to play for free- just remember your swimming trunks!

Outside of the water, we also offer a range of socials throughout the year that include nights out, meals and a whole lot more! Some of last year’s highlights include trips to trampoline parks, Laser Quest and the infamous WUSAC Christmas dinner. Everyone is welcome to join in and by doing so will feel like a big part of the WUSAC family.

Interested? Dive in with us at one of our many taster sessions in October. We look forward to seeing you there!



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