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Warwick at the Fringe: Warwick Comedy presents Where’s the Trampoline?

Next up we have Warwick Comedy with their sketch show Where’s the Trampoline?

What’s the concept?

It doesn’t matter how far you fall; what matters is how high you bounce back. Where’s the Trampoline? is a fast-paced sketch show centred around the feeling of falling, bouncing, and that awesome thing where two people land at the same time and the smaller one goes really high because of gravity or something… Ahh, those were the days.

How does the production show off Warwick drama to its best?

Warwick Comedy produces low-budget productions from student writing and collaborations. Where’s the Trampoline? is a collection of the best sketch writing from this year selected from over 90 submissions as well as performances on campus, at the Leicester Comedy Festival and at the Scottish Student Comedy Festival.

Tell us about your cast. What makes them special?

From 1st to 4th year, from English Literature to Engineering, from has never eaten an apple to has eaten many apples… The one thing that unites this cast is that they are fairly good-looking people who like to feel noticed. Sure, that doesn’t make them special, but if anything it makes them more human… And that’s the meaning of Christmas.

Sum up your show in three words.

Free and funny.

If your show was a Warwick landmark, what would it be?

Let’s Not Be Stupid by Richard Deacon, or the massive statue at the top of the Piazza, because it’s unmissable and, “Oh so that’s what it’s called…weird”.

Where are you performing and when?

4-19 August – 2pm-3pm, Bar Bados (Room 3), 68 Cowgate, EH1 1JW, (Venue 32).

Top tip for making the most of/surviving the Fringe?

No one who you ‘trade flyers’ with will ever come and see your show. Neither will the ginger kid with a guitar who insists he isn’t Ed Sheeran, watch out for that guy!

Anything else we should know?

The other candidate for the title was No Spoilers, and our flyer was going to have us trashing a car with a spoiler on it. But none of us knew anyone who owned a car with a spoiler.

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