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Smack owner’s Leam monopoly

The owner of Smack and Neon is soon to own the only other club in Leamington Spa, Rio’s.

Rio’s owner, Chris Donnachie, is retiring after 32 years of running the club, telling the Leamington Observer: “It’s been an incredible ride.”

This has led to Steve Smith taking control as of 14th November, giving him ownership of all 3 clubs in Leamington Spa – as well as bars Moo and Duke.

Another clone”
Charlotte Newbury

This means Smith will have dominance over the club scene in Leamington Spa, alongside owning two of the most popular bars for students and locals alike.

Warwick students have given mixed reaction to the news.

Chris Poon, second-year English Literature student, expressed concern: “A monopoly could lead to a drop in competition, and with that, standard of service – you don’t have to try hard to provide a good service if the only other competition is yourself.”

Smack is the best place on the planet!”
Jack Prevezer

Second-year English Literature student, Charlotte Newbury, also commented: “Unless Rio’s is going to be a variation from Smack and Neon, I don’t really see the point.

“Neither are good and another clone of them will just be annoying and limit the already minimal amount of places to go out.”

Jack Prevezer, a second-year and self-confessed Smack addict, reacted far more positively to the news: “Smack is the best place on the planet!”

“If Rio’s is going to be like Smack now I will be there every night getting my groove on.”

He finished by repeatedly chanting: “Smack!”.

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