Toby Tremlett

Two perspectives on climate action at Warwick: Warwick’s shortfalls

When Warwick declared a climate emergency in September 2019, it seemed that they were willing to take climate breakdown seriously. They describe climate change as an “acute global crisis” and state that they will engage in a “bold” series of actions aimed at reducing direct emissions to net-zero by 2030. But we should know better than to trust them on their word. 
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Posted Nov. 25, 2019

A stratified tuition fee system would be fairer

The current tuition fee system is blunt and oversimplified. A stratified tuition fee system would be fairer and more considerate to the range of services provided by a university. The proposed tuition fees of £6, 500-a-year for arts degrees and £13, 000 or more for science-based subjects would accurately take...
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Posted Dec. 14, 2018