Taylor Green

What makes a TV Show Re-watchable?

Breath-taking scenes and bursts of emotion – these are just some of vast concepts that bring viewers back to shows. But why? What shows? And how do such ideas bring us back to the action we were captured by years, weeks or days ago? Nostalgia Shows generally tend to represent...
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Posted Apr. 30, 2023

Gary Lineker and the battle between impartiality, opinions and the BBC

News rang like bells throughout the country regarding freedom of speech these last two weeks. This discourse arose through a fiery Tweet football commentator and BBC sports personality Gary Lineker published. The tweet in question read in Lineker’s words that this government’s current language is: “not dissimilar to that used...
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Posted Apr. 15, 2023

Poker: where it started and where it is now

Check! Hit! Bust! All phrases spat from the pursed mouths of those in the dialectical exchange between focused groups. Some are often sweating, maybe some are happy, and there are always utterly nervous individuals. Some bet their lives away while others enjoy a relaxing game. You play alongside friends, all...
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Posted Mar. 2, 2023