Mariam Amini

The pressures of Instagramming your holiday

Do you remember when Instagram first launched in 2010? I don’t. Yet the little photo sharing app grew to attract 10 million users by the end of its first year and is still on the rise. Reaching almost one billion active users in the summer of 2018, its increased accessibility...
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Posted Feb. 27, 2019

Can we create a home away from home?

With many of us having lived or studied in more than one place, the concept of ‘home’ can often be challenging to define. As such, two students share their personal conceptions of home and its significance to them. Mariam Amini It has been more than three years since I moved...
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Posted Jan. 18, 2019

The meaning of Christmas in different cultures

Whilst the winter holidays, for many, are dominated by the celebration of Christmas, there are many students at Warwick who do not actually celebrate the holiday in the traditional sense. As such, two students describe their personal connections to Christmas, despite not traditionally celebrating the holiday.   Mariam Amini When...
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Posted Dec. 14, 2018

Ramadan abroad: a Moroccan experience

My first time travelling south to Africa, and first experience of Ramadan* in a Muslim country – two of several thoughts crossing my mind as I looked out at the different layers of white cloud that encircled us. The latter thought didn’t seem like a big deal at the time;...
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Posted Jun. 22, 2018

Does travel affect mental well-being?

Exhilarating. Daunting. Liberating. Challenging. All words one can use when describing the act of travelling. All accurate too, at some point. Whether it’s a family holiday, weekend trip with friends, or a more long-term plan that involves living abroad, travel offers something different for everyone. It therefore comes as no...
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Posted May. 18, 2018

The biggest lessons I’ve learnt at Warwick University

First time round, I thought I knew what I was doing. Or at least pretended I did. I strolled through the streets of central London as a newly enrolled King’s College student, channeling confidence but feeling lost. It was less to do with location and more to do with the...
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Posted Aug. 12, 2017

Hate, fear, and faith

An attack carried out in Finsbury Park that killed one and injured 10 marked the fourth successive act of terror in the UK this year, and the first Islamophobic one of this scale. As the West faces a steep increase in the number of attacks carried out by groups claiming...
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Posted Jul. 5, 2017

How late is too late to make a career change?

When you grow up with a mother who still holds the student status, the concept of mature students becomes normality. Whether it is to raise a family, travel, earn some money first or follow more personal goals, there are many reasons for the delay in embarking on the road to...
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Posted Nov. 17, 2016

First year at Warwick: Expectations vs reality

Moving In I don’t think anyone really knew what was going on. Through the traffic of stuffed cars and bustle of newcomers with faces shoved deep into maps, I found Arthur Vick, my new home for the next ten months. My room was bigger than expected – a pleasant surprise!...
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Posted Jun. 22, 2016