Lara Carroll

My first time: Nudes – A Life Drawing Experience

(very) amateur artist attends life drawing class I am the most tortured of artists because I cannot be one. Try as I might, I seem to bear the eternal curse of possessing an artist’s soul, while lacking any discernible talent. But I don’t let this stop me from having a...
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Posted Jul. 5, 2017

Are emojis killing language?

The recent iPhone iOS 10 update, heralded as faster, slicker and more beautiful than its predecessors brought several new features to Apple customers this August. The new flatter design sent people into paroxysms, and the lack of a lock screen left many limp. I was unperturbed by either as too...
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Posted Feb. 2, 2017

Paradise Lost (lies unopened beside me): Review

When it comes to literature, I’m no traditionalist, but there’s been a place in my heart for Paradise Lost since I read it in my first year at Warwick. I was inspired by the unconventionality of how it treated its subject matter, and impressed by the huge questions which Milton...
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Posted Dec. 13, 2016

Paradise Lost (lies unopened beside me): Interview with Ben Duke

 The Boar Arts sit down with Ben Duke, to discuss his upcoming performance of Paradise Lost (lies unopened beside me) at Warwick Arts Centre. We discuss playing God, dance and crushing on Satan. Buy tickets here: What first compelled you to bring Paradise Lost to the stage? I studied it...
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Posted Dec. 4, 2016

EUROHOUSE: Finally, a political play as absurd as real-life

It is rare to find a production so self-aware as FellSwoop Theatre’s EUROHOUSE. This restrained and yet wonderfully manic piece considers the increasingly fragile relationships in the EU, through the dynamics of the relationship between the French ‘Bert’, and Greek ‘Nasi’. Held as part of the Emerge Festival held in...
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Posted Nov. 3, 2016