Katie Bevan

Couture Culture: Kaia Gerber

Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece. Quite a long time ago, people said it was home to the Gods and Goddesses, a place of worship; of moral and mythical strife with each of the Twelve Gods the victims of anthropopathy, vulnerable to the same failings of their devoted...
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Posted Apr. 5, 2024

Couture Culture: Zendaya

Often, when someone has style, is stylish, and generally knows fashion, we call them a fashion chameleon. It is seen as a compliment. I think both of these things are wrong. Chameleons are the masters of camouflage. Blending in is their best feature, so why would any fashion-forward person want to be described as a chameleon?...
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Posted Mar. 29, 2024

Couture Culture

On rainy afternoons, when raindrops trickle into the rivers that run along the windowpane, and we fear we will never see the sun again, I turn to fashion. Tearing open my wardrobe with the lunacy of a surrealist painter, I place pieces together: a blue-and-white button-down shirt, a satin forest-green...
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Posted Mar. 4, 2024