Kaneeka Kapur

Why Warwick is not a bubble: The best places to go and see near Warwick

Warwick University seems to have this unfair reputation of being ‘dead’ just because it isn’t a city university. I’ll admit when I first went to Warwick I was worried that this would be true, but in fact the truth is far from this. Within touching distance of campus there are so many things you can go do whether that be with friends, or even on a date.
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Posted Sep. 20, 2019

Top Bollywood Films

When you think of the best Bollywood films, your mind probably instantly thinks of your parents’ iconic favourites – Sholay, Lagaan, or even Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. However, I’ve decided to listed what the top films that have come out of Bollywood are in recent times, focusing on the more...
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Posted Mar. 23, 2019

The controversy of the new Ted Bundy biopic

I’ll admit it, I am a complete sucker for crime TV shows and movies. I had heard on Twitter a while ago that Zac Efron had accepted the role of ‘Ted Bundy’ in a biopic directed by Joe Berlinger, whose documentary series Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes...
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Posted Mar. 1, 2019

The ultimate chick-flick

Whether it’s date night, an excuse you used to avoid leaving the house in sub-zero temperatures or just because it’s a Tuesday afternoon, it is difficult to escape the allure of a good ‘chick-flick’. However, with the hundreds of movies being added to streaming services such as ‘Netflix’ and ‘Amazon...
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Posted Jan. 21, 2019

Can you visit Budapest on a budget?

If, like me, you’d heard countless stories about the ruin pubs, baths and crazy nightlife that Budapest is famous for, you might be forgiven for desperately wanting to go. This past summer, my friends and I went on a whistle stop tour of Europe by interrail, and our last stop...
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Posted Jan. 8, 2019