Jennifer Redding

‘Sticky Business’ review: couldn’t peel myself away

Googly-eyed anything. Frog on a pride flag. Flowers absolutely everywhere. And you know what? Let’s have a stack of cute dinosaurs. Yes, alternate the colours. And the direction they’re facing! Even better. Amazing. Hmm… maybe it’s missing something, though. Okay, I’ve got it – hear me out. What if they’re...
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Posted Sep. 12, 2023

The Boar’s ‘Games of the Year’: 2022 edition

Welcome to The Boar Games‘ Annual Game of the Year List, where we’ll be giving our opinions on our favourite games that have captured our hearts this year. So many amazing titles have been out, with studios releasing anticipated sequels like Horizon Forbidden West and God of War Ragnarök, or...
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Posted Dec. 26, 2022

Why do we love ‘mundane’ games?

Having saved plenty of ‘inspiration’ posts for designing my Animal Crossing: New Horizons island, the Instagram algorithm has shuffled my suggested posts section to include a community of gamers that play ‘cosy games’. From reels about new ‘cosy’ releases and demonstrations for how to decorate a relaxing play space, the not-so-niche...
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Posted Nov. 4, 2022