Jemimah Gilpin

Are intelligence and creativity mutually exclusive?

I[dropcap]n the world of academia and higher education, intelligence and creativity are often perceived to be separate entities, with a stereotype that insists that if you are one, you cannot be the other. There is a case to be made about the sometimes-turbulent relationship between the two. STEM based subjects and...
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Posted Jul. 12, 2017

Subways as art: tunnels to a stronger community?

Subways, Tubes and Metro lines are crowded yet impersonal places. Thousands of people with thousands of opinions pass through each day, with little or no communication. Such a busy and disengaged place hardly seems ideal as a space for displaying art. But maybe these qualities are what makes these places...
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Posted Dec. 8, 2016

Are Warwick students ‘creative’ enough for the creative sector?

The creative industry is a popular destination for BA holders. Why? It’s a place where passion and individuality thrive. It’s a dynamic environment filled with opportunities, challenges and a diverse range of job roles, and it’s growing. Since 2014 the creative industry has been the fastest expanding sector in the...
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Posted Nov. 24, 2016