Jemimah Gilpin

The ‘art’ of effective revision

Term three is both the best and the worst term. The 7:14 bus from south Leamington is packed, petitions are circling for freshers to be banned from the library, campus cafés are making a fortune, and everyone is very, very stressed. Different people cope with stress and anxiety in different...
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Posted May. 26, 2018

How to experience the arts on a student budget

University life isn’t cheap to begin with, without factoring in days out, fun and pastimes. But that doesn’t mean you should cut the art out of your life. Coventry, Leamington Spa and the surrounding areas are full of galleries, theatres and odd-looking sculptures to satisfy your creative eye. Whether you’re...
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Posted Oct. 7, 2017

The lost art of writing

The world is crammed full of arts, skills and talents. Society values some more highly than others, leading to certain forms of art being frequently overlooked.  One art form that often isn’t even considered as such is writing. Writing seems to be disputed as an art in all but name....
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Posted Sep. 19, 2017

Are intelligence and creativity mutually exclusive?

I[dropcap]n the world of academia and higher education, intelligence and creativity are often perceived to be separate entities, with a stereotype that insists that if you are one, you cannot be the other. There is a case to be made about the sometimes-turbulent relationship between the two. STEM based subjects and...
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Posted Jul. 12, 2017

Subways as art: tunnels to a stronger community?

Subways, Tubes and Metro lines are crowded yet impersonal places. Thousands of people with thousands of opinions pass through each day, with little or no communication. Such a busy and disengaged place hardly seems ideal as a space for displaying art. But maybe these qualities are what makes these places...
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Posted Dec. 8, 2016

Are Warwick students ‘creative’ enough for the creative sector?

The creative industry is a popular destination for BA holders. Why? It’s a place where passion and individuality thrive. It’s a dynamic environment filled with opportunities, challenges and a diverse range of job roles, and it’s growing. Since 2014 the creative industry has been the fastest expanding sector in the...
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Posted Nov. 24, 2016