James Larner

Who are ‘Games as Service’ truly serving?

In the past few years it’s been hard to read through the minutes of an AAA publisher’s earnings call without hearing the term “Games As Service”, or GAS as I will be referring to them. Publishers want GAS to become the oxygen we breathe, but so far almost every attempt...
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Posted Mar. 15, 2018

James Larners’ highlights and lowlights of 2017

The first in our series of the best and worst of 2017 comes from James Larner, with highlight PUBG and lowlight Battlefront 2. Highlight The core of PUBG is the uniqueness of each match. You never have two matches feel the same, due to the randomness of the plane’s trajectory...
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Posted Jan. 28, 2018

Horror Picks: The Long Dark

I’m no horror buff. I don’t enjoy being scared, nor am I a massive fan of the tight corridors and repetitive jump scares common to the horror genre. All the same, when Halloween rolls around everybody needs something to spook themselves with. For me, there’s no competition. I’ll whack out...
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Posted Nov. 30, 2017

Boots on the Ground in Call of Duty: WWII Reveal

I received quite a shock last night, browsing the trending videos on Youtube when one title immediately caught by eye: Call of Duty: WWII trailer reveal. You’re immediately greeted by Roosevelt’s metallic tones and a close-up of some rather damp-looking blokes in massive bathtubs, drifting lazily towards the beach. This...
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Posted Apr. 28, 2017