India-Mae Alby

‘Free speech’ isn’t an excuse for being a dick

I’m going to start this article with a small ditty from my life. I was recently likened to a ‘nazi’ for insisting that white people shouldn’t use a particular racial slur. Apparently I was encroaching upon the accuser’s freedom to say whatever they please. Can you believe it? A young...
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Posted Oct. 31, 2017

Mabel plans to carry on progressing through London chaos

After seeing her perform live in Birmingham, I interviewed the up-and-coming star Mabel about what and who inspires her, her background and her music. Placing her music in the genre of “R&B with pop/soul elements”, this young, London-based singer is carving out her own place on the UK music scene....
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Posted Oct. 18, 2017

AJ Tracey at The O2 Institute – the Wild and the Mild

AJ Tracey (real name Ché Moran) had a great 2016. With solo bangers like ‘Pasta’ and ‘Buster Cannon’, as well as features on Reekz MB’s ‘23’ and Coco’s ‘Big N Serious’, this Ladbroke Grove-born rapper has quickly made a name for himself on the UK grime scene. Now on his...
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Posted Feb. 28, 2017