Emily Shaw

How to explain where you come from during Freshers’

When you get to university, you really begin to comprehend just how massive the country is. The North/South divide you probably had set in a firm boundary in your mind becomes blurred, particularly when you realise that you’re at a Midlands university. What even are the Midlands? Are we in...
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Posted Aug. 25, 2017

Has Warwick got no nightlife?

So it’s results time yet again and congratulations to those who’ve made it in to Warwick this academic year! In the time you’ve spent endlessly googling and applying to a multitude of universities, you’ve probably picked up a few urban legends and stereotypes regarding many things about Warwick. In particular...
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Posted Aug. 20, 2017

An advice letter to a nervous fresher

Dear Fresher, Currently you’ll probably be a tumultuous mixture of terrified and incredibly excited for your time at the University of Warwick. You’ll probably also be of the opinion that second and third years know what they are doing a lot more than you do…as an almost-third-year I can confidently...
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Posted Aug. 17, 2017