Chris O'Brien

PC gone sane

The unease related to building a memorial to Bomber Command is justified by the effect their actions had in World War II
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Posted Jun. 23, 2010

Diet violence

By censoring consequences of violence in films and TV shows, we risk misunderstanding its implications
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Posted Mar. 1, 2010

‘Til lack of tax incentives do us part

Milton Friedman once said that the problem with government is that it thinks it can do good with other people’s money. In line with this conception the government identifies a problem, intervenes and creates more problems than it ever solves due to problems of incentives and imperfect information where individual...
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Posted Jan. 19, 2010

Chavez: ten years on

Venezuela can boast in the ten years since Hugo Chavez came to power a drop in extreme poverty from twenty-three percent to nine percent and twelve years of strong economic growth.
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Posted Feb. 10, 2009