Chiara Castrovillari

Kickstart Just Jump Started

Warwick Kickstart, a brand-new society, hosted a panel which explored the world of unusual careers during their first ever event on Thursday. This kind of conversation is hard to find for Warwick students who often lack exposure to career options beyond the Financial or Engineering sector – making a successful...
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Posted Jan. 29, 2017

THE CAREERS ISSUE: Does your studying pay off?

Our deputy finance editor, Chiara Castrovillari, asks if degrees with heavy workloads mean more money. Many students in Warwick have probably already started thinking about their dream job and how to get there. For different people this means different things – for some the dream job is relaxed working hours...
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Posted Nov. 17, 2016

Talking TEF: A breakdown

In this May’s Higher Education White Paper, the government proposed a new university ranking system that comes with the potential for higher fees just four years after tuition fees were frozen. Minister for Universities and Science, Jo Johnson has given  his support to a plan which could see universities raise...
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Posted Sep. 28, 2016

“Brexit is a lose-lose” – Former Italian Prime Minister at Warwick Economics Summit

Dr Enrico Letta, former Italian Prime Minister, renowned scholar in European Economics, and Dean at the Paris School of International Affairs offered his audience at the WES on Friday evening directions on ‘how to save the Euro’, as well as indicating how a “Brexit is a lose-lose situation”. When the...
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Posted Feb. 8, 2016

Warwick and IBM collaborate on Big Data

Warwick University and IBM are teaming up again to make sure students are being taught the skills sought after by businesses using Big Data. Analysing data to ensure better strategic business moves and decisions are made has become crucial for competitive businesses. The collection and use of data in this...
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Posted Nov. 29, 2015