Catherine Lyon

All the views on Veganuary

This January was all about going Vegan – Cath Lyon gives us all the views on Veganuary… Going vegan has become the new trend for those hoping to shed a few Christmas pounds. Trying to cut out all animal products from our diet is a daunting challenge. The fear of...
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Posted Mar. 7, 2016

Review: The Loft theatre presents ‘The Hollow Crown’

Originally devised by the RSC as a bit of a programme filler for an ageing company, over the last 50 years ‘The Hollow Crown’ has become, rather like George VI, an unexpectedly successful little brother. Despite Georgy himself not appearing in this kingly chronicle, the piece completes an impressive feat...
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Posted Sep. 25, 2015

Students struggle with soaring rents

The National Union of Students has warned of increasing pressure on student pockets as the gap between undergraduate incomes and their rents gets smaller and smaller. Some are concerned that rent rises, in combination with the government’s change in legislation that will see maintenance grants changed to loans, might see...
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Posted Aug. 28, 2015