Ben Ockrim

Three weeks at Soweto Primary School, Tanzania

If you spend enough time at Soweto Primary School, you can tell which of the pupils are orphans by noticing that they wear different shoes each day. This is because the local orphanage does not let the children keep their own shoes. Each night, they must hand in the pair...
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Posted Aug. 18, 2023

Why ‘Rocky’ stands the test of time

In Rocky, there is a scene that stands out above the rest. It occurs midway through the film, just after Rocky accepts Apollo Creed’s challenge for a heavyweight title showdown. In the scene, Rocky is confronted in his apartment by Mickey Goldmill, the gym owner, who opportunistically proposes to be...
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Posted May. 11, 2023

Valentine’s Day: The Best or Worst Holiday?

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure that I’m qualified to write this article. I don’t know very much about love, and even less about relationships. I’ve only been on a Valentine’s date once, when I was 18 and it didn’t go very well. After a dinner where I showed off...
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Posted Feb. 14, 2023

Warwick launches Taskmaster outreach programme

After a successful pilot in 2022, the University of Warwick’s School of Law launched the second year of its community outreach programme, School Tasking, in January. This project, which runs in widening participation schools across the West Midlands, aims to give disadvantaged primary school children their first taste of university.
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Posted Feb. 6, 2023

Best Club Nights Out for Warwick University Students

It’s fair to say that Warwick is not famed for its nightlife. We’re definitely no Bristol, Leeds or even Durham (hmm, maybe the last one is a bit too far – at least we’re not all Oxbridge rejects…) However, this doesn’t mean that Warwick students don’t know how have a...
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Posted Jan. 26, 2023