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Overseas students wrongly accused of cheating take legal action

Overseas students wrongly accused of cheating in the study visa English language tests have taken legal action against the Home Office, seeking compensation for unlawful detention and loss of earnings. In 2014, the Home Office cancelled visas for approximately 35,000 international students after a BBC documentary revealed widespread cheating in...
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Posted Mar. 2, 2024

UK universities expected to face financial pressures following drop in international students

Many UK universities are expected to fall into financial deficit because of a huge decrease in international students, following government reforms to immigration policies.   Vivienne Stern, the Chief Executive of Universities UK, said the sector faced a “serious overcorrection” as the new measures are likely to discourage international students from...
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Posted Feb. 15, 2024

Hong Kong elections: four years later

Hong Kong, a southern Chinese city smaller than London, once dominated global media with images of mass protests, tear gas, and petrol bombs in 2019. Then, the pandemic hit, protestors were arrested, and civil society was silenced. Under the 24-hour news cycle, the coverage of Hong Kong in Western media...
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Posted Jan. 4, 2024

Housing development plan for Coventry revealed

Detailed development plans for 2,400 new homes in Coventry have been revealed.  On 14 December, Coventry City Council approved the specific details of the development plan for Eastern Green, a residential suburb in west Coventry.  There will be ‘extra-care’ accommodation, highway and drainage connections on land south of the A45,...
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Posted Jan. 2, 2024

Warwick researchers developing lab-grown turkey

Dr Radu Cimpeanu, a theoretical mathematician at the University of Warwick, is enhancing the production of cultivated turkey alongside other researchers. The cultivated turkey cells can directly produce animal meat by duplicating turkey meat’s sensory and nutritional profiles. This could really make a difference to people’s eating habits across the...
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Posted Dec. 19, 2023

Serious crash on Coventry’s Sky Blue Way

A teenager was seriously injured in a suspected hit-and-run on Sky Blue Way in Coventry on 8 December. Sky Blue Way was opened in 1986, named after the theme colour of Coventry City Football Club. Located to the east of Coventry, it is a road connecting the Coventry ring road...
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Posted Dec. 17, 2023