Andres De Miguel

The philosophy of Stannis Baratheon

In a series with a seemingly endless cast of characters, very few can truly claim a significant impact on the events of the Game of Thrones story, but Stannis Baratheon is one of those characters. Despite only being introduced in the second book, he has been an insatiable threat to the dominance of the Lannisters in Westeros....
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Posted Apr. 15, 2024

The Philosophy of ‘Rango’: Fabricating Identity

Despite being a movie about a funny little lizard getting into trouble with a funny little gang of funny little creatures, Rango explores some of the most complex themes of existentialism and self-realisation that I have ever witnessed in film. Its portrayal of the protagonist’s journey to find out who...
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Posted Mar. 15, 2024

The Philosophy of: The Walking Dead

When watching The Walking Dead, it’s easy to forget about complicated moral themes when all you are met with onscreen are blood, guts, gore and character deaths. But I want to focus on just that, because the show isn’t just about the struggle to survive in a cruel and unrelenting...
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Posted May. 1, 2023