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The quiet weekend trend: rest and reconnect

It’s 3:00pm on a Saturday afternoon, and here I am, lounging in my pyjamas, letting a Netflix drama play while clicking through Instagram stories. My friends are having a picnic in a nice park or getting dressed for parties. But me? I’m just embracing some much-needed “me-time” at home.

“You should be making the most of your weekend to balance out your hectic work week!”
“Should I, though?” Welcome to the #quietweekend trend.

Shifting weekend norms – from force to flow:
While there are stereotypes about each generation, there has been a real shift from Millennials to Generation Z, based on their values and priorities.

Millennials: falling into the guilty trap
Feeling guilty for slowing down and doing nothing, Millennials often embrace a clubbing and drinking culture, as they seek to reclaim their time and compensate for the lack of freedom during the workweek. This ‘revenge’ mindset is all about forcing yourself to be busy – even during free time – in a bid to feel productive.

Generation Z: embracing the present
Gen Z has a completely different mindset, with only 25% of them preferring to go out for the weekend, putting ‘self-care’ first, and at the core of their lifestyle. They often face labels which accuse them of being ‘lazy’. As a Gen Z myself, I value a ‘flow’ lifestyle, allowing myself some downtime to recharge during weekends. Instead of following a ‘to-do list’ like during the workweek, I simply do what I feel like at the moment, being relaxed and mindful – personal check-ins replace ticking off lists.

Is the quiet weekend realistic?
As the idea of #quietweekend is becoming more popular on TikTok, there is a rise in the portrayal of idealised images: people attending pilates classes in their Lululemon outfit, having healthy yoghurt bowls and smoothies and an all picture-perfect at home. While these activities are trendy and seem to build a good image, it’s essential to recognise that many influencers present a curated version of reality. The rise of this trend is partly driven by social media influencers, and is tied to identity and societal beliefs.

This could make the original idea of a quiet weekend not ‘relaxed’ anymore – instead, it is becoming ‘scripted’, losing the meaning and purpose of going with the flow. Remember, your quiet weekend can be different from someone else’s, and that’s perfectly fine. At the end of the day, it is your weekend, not your followers. It’s important to approach these weekends with a realistic mindset and not feel pressured to match the seemingly perfect experiences shared online.

Does a quiet weekend really help?
So, does the quiet weekend actually relieve stress and increase productivity? For some, yes. These weekends can provide a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle, allowing for mental and physical rejuvenation. Understanding why you are spending a quiet weekend is crucial. Are you just following the trend to look good on social media, or does it genuinely help you recharge?

Some people recharge by going clubbing, café-hopping, spending time with friends, and just chatting about life – they don’t want to be lonely at home. Others prefer a lazy weekend on their own. The key is not to treat the quiet weekend like a trend you must follow, but find what truly brings you joy and relaxation.

Even within a quiet weekend, there are different ways to unwind – choose what suits you best. Whether it’s binge-watching your favourite shows, engaging in a hobby, or simply enjoying some alone time, the goal is to recharge in a way that feels right for you.

Final words:
The quiet weekend trend reflects a broader shift in how we approach our free time across different generations and changing priorities. By choosing to slow down and embrace tranquillity, we can find balance and joy in our busy lives.

But hey, if you feel like going out for a fun night with friends, just go ahead. Don’t let generational trends or peer pressure box you in. The work week is tough enough – enjoy your weekend your way.


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